ManumatixTM Rolls Out New Game Mechanics For Its BambooTM Social Rewards Platform At Inaugural Gamification Summit

(San Francisco, CA) – January 20, 2011 – Manumatix, a leading developer of applications for social media and mobile platforms, today announced it is incorporating a number of new game mechanics and features into its Bamboo Social Rewards Platform, which will be shown for the first time at the inaugural Gamification Summit in San Francisco, CA – January 20-21, 2011 (Manumatix is also a GREEN Sponsor of the event). Dubbed THE premier “Ambassadors Club” for Facebook and Twitter, Bamboo, which offers companies an entertaining, compelling and inexpensive way to reach new audiences by leveraging the friends of core fans, now keeps a company’s most influential customers better engaged over longer periods of time.
Bamboo, in its simplest form, is a game in which a company’s fans (brand ambassadors) earn and redeem points for creating more awareness about them. Leveraging these core fans allows them to share all kinds of interactive messages with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. The content ranges from wall posts, invites, virtual gifts and coupons, to real-time alerts, interactive polls, videos, product info and the latest news, etc. All the content delivered via the Bamboo platform opens the door for companies to reach untapped audiences to sell products and services, thus generating a new incremental revenue stream while continuing to engage and drive sales from their existing fan base.
New game mechanics/features include:
  • Rewards Staircase – Stimulates activity with multiple reward levels
  • Badges – Provides instant gratification with achievements and bragging rights
  • Leaderboard – Instigates competitiveness by displaying an Ambassador’s achievements
  • Achievement Notifications – Motivates and incentivizes your army of Ambassadors to act
  • Coupons/Promo Codes – Drives traffic to both online and retail locations
  • Virtual Gifts – Delivers branded novelty items directly to friends’ walls and inboxes
  • Social Plugins – Recruit new customers from websites, newsletters, and shopping carts
“Our new Bamboo game mechanics are specifically designed to keep your customers engaged over longer periods of time,” said Johnny Miller, CMO, Manumatix. “The new technology in Bamboo helps every company build their own ‘Ambassadors Club’, a social rewards platform that truly allows friends to market to friends on your behalf. In fact, Bamboo is now so effective, your company does not even need a fan page for it to work!”
For Marketers, Bamboo records and measures every impression, hit, visit, page view, click path, lead, and sale. Equally, it records who did it, when, where they came from, and measures the audience (friends and followers) and their interconnections. From all of the data collected, Bamboo allows marketers the ability to run an exhaustive statistical analysis and create reports: projected/actual reach, popularity and conversion rates of specific pieces of content, results of polls, etc. Some reports are similar to conventional web analytics, and some are specific to social media such as virality and popularity of the content, size of unique audience, etc.
About Manumatix
San Francisco, CA-based Manumatix® is a leading developer of applications for social media and mobile platforms. Bamboo™, Manumatix’s flagship Social Rewards Platform for Facebook and Twitter, allows any company to have its own branded “Ambassadors Club” right out of the box. The turnkey platform offers an entertaining, compelling and inexpensive way to for companies to distribute content and reach new audiences by leveraging the friends of core fans. With Bamboo, companies can generate new incremental revenue streams while continuing to engage and drive sales from its existing fan base. For highly productive people, Manumatix’s Home&Work app (leader in the productivity category with 100,000+ downloads to date) for iPhoneTM and iPod Touch® is a well-rounded task manager, supporting its users in their desire to get things done in the most simple and efficient way possible. For more information, visit
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